In our Road2Release series, we publish four stories that have inspired the artist in his creative & artistic process leading up to his upcoming release on KROOKS Records.

For the Sputnik EP, SpaceAgePoetry worked with four different producers. All with their own inspirations. The third Road2Release is by Arjuna Schiks:

My biggest inspiration would be the artist NU. For me, he was one of the first producers experimenting with down tempo that felt like a modern take on house music. Especially his four seasons sets, like S O L in the video above.

And because of that was still very much danceable. It had these amazing acoustic and atmospheric vibes to it that made it feel modern and familiar at the same time. To create that feeling he blended in a lot of world music and for me is a true pioneer in the genre.

With ’Ons Juweeltje’ I took a lot of inspiration from that. The tempo is pretty low, whilst still being playable and impactful on the dance floor. For the track, I worked with a lot of acoustic sounds spread on a dark backdrop to give it that distinct sound.

The collaboration with SpaceAgePoetry allowed me to experiment with this. And because of the extensive amount of hours in the studio together it really paid of in a special way. It wasn’t easy to keep the track fresh and interesting for 9 minutes, but I’m really happy we pulled it off and made this amazing track.

SpaceAgePoetry – Sputnik EP will be released September 22nd on all digital platforms

More inspirations: