In our Road2Release series, we publish four stories that have inspired the artist in his creative & artistic process leading up to his upcoming release on KROOKS Records.

The first time we met DJ Isis was at our first gig ever in the church of Ruigoord.  We later heard this church has been a central point in the musical career of Isis, which makes this location extra special. Soon after we decided to work together on some music, which resulted in us doing this remix for her.

During our music process, we get a lot of inspiration from different kinds of artists from different genres. Depending on the moment, weather and time of the day we listen to different kinds of music. Our musical influences are constantly evolving, which we believe keeps our sound dynamic.

The inspiration of the remix is coming from a lot of desert dust, late studio nights, sushi takeaway and of course Lee Marrow. We tried creating a track that gives a warm cosmic vibe and keeps on going. It starts a bit off slow and spacey but keeps building throughout the track.

Isis & Mozes – OSTARA EP including Yør Kultura’s remix of ‘Aerial’ will be released digitally on all platforms on April 12.

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