In the Road2Releases, we follow four inspirations that inspired the artist in his creative & artistic process leading to his upcoming release on KROOKS Records.

A year ago I quit Music University. My friends were surprised and not many understood why. My decision also left me confused: I did so much to get in, but somehow I wasn’t in the right place. After I quit, the urge to make new music was gone and it took a while for it to come back. When it did, it resulted in these songs. The feeling that followed is best described as a big relief, like making up after a fight with your best friend. But moreover, I rediscovered the joy of creating something out of nothing, something that was not in this world before and will be here longer than me. This Boards of Canada track somehow captures that insight, possibly because this track was one of the reasons for me to start making music again.


Bremer – San EP will be released digitally on all platforms on January 30.



More inspirations: