SpaceAgePoetry takes you on a trip through space using stories and music. It’s a project that combines deep & slow electronic music and spoken word, that organically evolves out of the shared music taste of spoken word artist Justin Samgar and the producers that he likes to work with.SAP performed at Mysteryland, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and ADE. As for their music, they are releasing their third EP Vacuum in June on Amsterdam-based indie label KROOKS Records.

Physicists often discuss ideal test results that would occur in a perfect vacuum, which they sometimes simply call “vacuum” or free space. Because this EP was made during the lockdown, Vacuum seemed like the perfect title for this body of work which is a cooperation between Dan Bay and Justin Samgar and some of their friends.

Space Age in SpaceAgePoetry refers to the era after the launch of the first artificial moon Sputnik in 1957. They believe that in this modern age the need for classic poetry has gone and given way to a new, more contemporary form of poetry, namely SpaceAgePoetry. In a time where the old rules do not apply anymore and numerous possibilities rise to play around with the status quo. SpaceAgepoetry will do so in redefining poetic beauty.




Vacuum EP



Sputnik EP