KRΔUT is the moniker of Amsterdam’s household name Daniel Zuur. With this alter ego he’s bound to bring his audience a flux of world music influenced electronica, different tempos and lots of percussion.

Daniel has been a staple in the Amsterdam club scene since 2009. His unique sound and organic mixes have earned him a name in the alternative electronic music scene, as his sets have been attributed to being melancholic, dynamic but above all, deeply melodic. 
Haunted by the drums and his experience as a drummer in several bands, Daniel has developed an exceptional rhythm and sound that no label will do justice.

As KR∆UT he released on labels like Shika Shika, Wonderwheel Recordings, Metanoia, Cosmic Awakenings, Tropical Twista Records, The Other Eye and recently on KROOKS Records. 
The producer composes sets that exist in their own singularity; every single one being an individual story that creates its own atmosphere. Every set is textured by a whole variety of original tracks that he adapts with precise care and proper timing live on stage: dialogues, natural sounds and warm beats, all treated into a highly dynamic and unique set.

Live he played at national and international clubs and festivals such as Sisyphos, Fusion Festival, Gardens of Babylon, Wildeburg, Marktkantine, Garbicz and Welcome to the Future.




Atemporal EP