Isis van der Wel, better known as DJ Isis, is a veteran in the international DJ scene. For over 25 years she is traveling the world as a professional DJ. The past 12 years she’s been performing live. Coming from the traditional techno and house scene, her sound has gradually evolved towards a more acoustic and ethnic oriented approach of electronic music. In 2017 she produced her most recent tracks which will be released early 2018 on the KROOKS label.

Mozes Meijer is foremost a producer. Aged 18 he’s a a special newcomer in the field. He started his professional career when he was 15. In 2015 he reached the finals of Vinylized, the longrunning Dutch producer competition. In the same year he produced for the Edison Award winning band My Baby and is still active as such. Next to his activities as a producer Mozes is a multi instrumentalist. In 2017 he joined Isis in the studio to work on their current project. In the spring 2018 his first own tracks will be released on the label All is One.