Dialoque is an electronic live-act with a diverse sound that’s both organic and synthetic. It grabs you with deep intimacy, to throw you right back into a space that’s larger than life.

2013, Amsterdam, there is a buzz about a band that improvises on electronic beats in the former Shell-Tower. During these enchanting live sessions Dialoque finds its name, but the earliest roots derive from the legendary Shoeless festivals. Through the next years, Dialoque’s live act is taking the underground scene by storm with its energetic performances. It hits festivals like Welcome To The Future, Rec, Familiar Forest, Into The Woods and Wildeburg.

Dialoque releases their EP  “Sorry Eyes” on their own imprint, which is later featured in a Corona campaign. A few years later their single “Where you will go” is released on Armada Records. Armin van Buuren opens his set on “A State of Trance” with this fragile track for an audience of 35.000 people.

And now, after a year of rest. Dialoque is back with their latest release “Let Me Go”, which will be released at KROOKS records. A new chapter, with a new sound and a new direction.




Let Me Go EP