The personality of Alaix Pulse was born in the early 2000s. Fascinated by African rhythms and natural sounds, but also influenced by the pop rock culture of the 90’s’ of his parents. Alaix began composing his first songs on a video game console at the age of 13. Experimentation has always been a key point in each of these musical productions, thereby exploring different genres over the years. Over time his signature sound further developed and he got recognised by great venues, such as LaCoste Castle, that gave him the opportunity to perform his music and spread the love even more.

Developing his skills as a producer, Alaix began to be able to convey more and more emotion and feeling with his music. Eventually becoming a central focus for him. With the help of his good friends and the digital age, he began to come ahead of the curve. Challenging himself to go off the beaten path and finding new ways to influence people with his music.

Like when you discover new music and it can feel like a whole new world. This is one of Alaix’ main objectives while producing. Constantly changing moods that keep his work exciting and fresh, while slightly leaning on conventions to give a sense of familiarity. Not having a musical upbringing, Alaix focuses on rhythm in his music with a lot of congas, hang-sounds, sitars and other rhythmic instruments that give it a unique sound.

“I have always been attracted to nature,” Alaix says about his music, “and I want to use natural elements from the animal life that surrounds us because I consider that all these sounds have a natural positive effect on all of us. What makes me what I am today is this experiment which never ends, in which I express myself, in a language that I alone can decrypt at first. My productions are always a mix of ideas because we never manage to hold a main idea that we had at the beginning. It’s these elements coming together in the finished product that makes it all worthwhile for me in the end.”




Ondula EP



Moaï EP