In our Road2Release series, we publish four stories that have inspired the artist in his creative & artistic process leading up to his upcoming release on KROOKS Records.

My first music lessons were on a djembe when I was eight years old. It thought me the importance of the rhythm, still mostly the basis for my music. It’s also thanks to these lessons that I learned to appreciate sharing music and the intimate bond between musicians that results from that. Like spontaneous drum circles we used to do.

It immediately aroused my curiosity and desire for music. In the beginning, therefore, I was totally focused on African rhythms, the culture, and also that side which is both original and pure in a tribal sense. Most of what I produce usually begins with a rhythm because it is the place I’m most drawn to the most and I invite you to feel that.

Alaix Pulse – Ondula EP will be released digitally on all platforms on August 14.

More inspirations: