We are an Amsterdam-based record label releasing worldwide. We love to give life to new music and are always in search for music & artists with a transforming story to tell. Our artistic focus lays in the field of alternative electronic and contemporary music projects. Words we use a lot in the KROOKS studio are: groovy, warm, cinematic, acoustic, romantic, soulful, classic, deep and mysterious. Founded by Fenno Verdaasdonk and Satori in 2015, the label keeps close creative relationships with its artists and actively builds content around every release. We try to create maximum impact for our releases with a wide range of (in-house) services in PR, distribution, publishing, syncing, mastering, events and marketing. But at the end, it all starts with that magical moment where music touches our hearts and we can feel free again.


Current Partners: The Missing Sync | Finetunes | We Are E | DOKA/Volkshotel | Pennies from heaven | Alter Ego | Tobacco Theatre | Kornuit | Wicked Grounds | Nachtburgemeester Amsterdam | The View Concepts | Satori Musica Mastering | Studio/K | Becky Martin Design